Three Wonderful Days with Darryl & Denise

A ‘guest blog’ from Ben:

Outside of my immediate family, there is no single more important or influential person in my life than Dr. Darryl Taylor.

While for over fifty years we have joked about being ‘brothers from another mother’ – Darryl has been my big brother and role model since he arrived at Cranbrook as a Horizons Upward Bound student in the late 1960s. The barriers he has broken, the obstacles he has overcome, the integrity in which he’s lived his life, the beautiful family he’s created, the resilience he’s shown, and the mentorship he’s provided have shaped my life and view of the world in untold ways. 

His career as a dentist in the Navy took him all over the world and created stretches of time where our paths didn’t cross, but the connection was always there, and spending three days with Darryl and his wife Denise in St. Augustine has been a gift beyond measure. 

“Family” is a word that can mean many things and can bring out both the best and worst in us. With Darryl and Denise “family” over these days has meant sharing every aspect of our lives in the best possible ways – hopes and dreams for our kids, disappointments faced along the way, belly laughs from shared past experiences, and the occasional emotional moment. During delicious meals, fun at Top Golf, a walking tour of St. Augustine, and just relaxed conversations over coffee in the morning and drinks later in the day, we simply could not be more grateful to have spent this time with family. 

An evening walk in St. Augustine:

The stunning moon:

The only real golfer at Top Golf—Darryl:

And a little putting back at Darryl & Denise’s home:

How grateful we are.

Onto biking (Rails to Trails) in Tallahassee & a few days at Panama City Beach (thank you, Ned Horton!).

Stay safe. Miss you. Love you.

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