The Sun Rides Higher Here

I remember when my parents lived at Kendal in Hanover, New Hampshire, just minutes from our place in Vermont, they’d head to Delray, Florida, for a good part of the winter. A friend of theirs, another resident at Kendal, called them cowards for escaping the below zero days and the gray curtain of sky.

We feel a little like cowards here on Kiawah Island where the sun in higher, the days stretch longer, and we can walk on the beach and bike every day. But, man, it’s beautiful!

Here are some photos of our three days, one to go and then off to St. Augustine, Florida (even more cowardly?) to see our great friends, Darryl and Denise Taylor.

Ben, ahead of me, looks like he’s biking in Cambodia tunneled by the bamboo groves and palm trees 🙂

Driving range fun:

And the birds:

And the beach:

Just the gulls and I on this morning’s walk. Here’s a link to a great poem about sea gulls by John Updike.

Stay healthy.

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