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To order: Notes From a Nomad, nominated for the Massachusetts Book Awards 2018


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Notes From a Nomad review by Laura DiNovis Berry

The Human Contract review by Laura DiNovis Berry

The Human Contract book review by Alexandra Umlas

Poem nominated for Best of Net 2017 by Mothers Always Write

Review of The Human Contract by Janet McCann in Mom Egg Review

Interview with E.B. Bartels for Fiction Advocate.

Interview with Nicole Rollender on her blog, Carpe Noctem.

Links to published individual poems:

“Ecosystems” The Writer’s Almanac

“A Moral Universe” SWWIM

“The Recipe Said ‘Rustic Tart'” Typishly

“Subject: Death” Prometheus Dreaming

Blessing For My Daughter Leaving For School, Moms on Poetry

“Speaking to Rilke,” “Red Speaks Deep,” & “On the Bank” isacoustic

“I Haven’t Been Entirely Idle” Algebra of Owls

“Calligraphy” Sky Island Journal

“{yonder animalsfromtheneckdown}” The Sunday Poet

“Newsworthy” One Sentence Poems

“For Me: Talking With God” Panoplyzine

“A Dowry to Us” Formidable Woman

“Penobscot Bay,” “About to Lift Off from the Tarmac,” + “With a Polaroid Camera” Wanderlust-Journal

“Foxes” SWWIM

“The Mirror on My Handle Bars” Willawaw Journal

“The Rwanda Discovery Hostel,” “Rishikesh,” & “Samye Monastery” Modern Literature

“After School” Runcible Spoon

“My Twenty-Seven-Year-Old Daughter Back Home for a Few Months” Literary Mama 

“Rwanda After Twenty-Four Years” + “Flora & Fauna in Rwanda” Tuck Magazine

“Summer,” “To Be an Etch-A-Sketch,” “The Art of Being,” “Accidental Uncoverings,” & “This is a Plan” Adelaide Literary Magazine

“Birds of America” Cold Creek Review

“On That Continent” WORDPEACE

Always More” SWWIM

“A Crash” What Rough Beast

“A Voice Tucked Away” The Sewanee Review

“Bartering,” “What’s Below,” & “To Contemplate the Motion” The Mockingheart Review

“Directions to My Muse” Poetry Breakfast

“On the Way to Perry Park” Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

“The Bosphorus” Figroot Press

“Princess Phone” Front Porch Journal

“From Death” Whale Road Review

“Wingless” Penn Review

“Mythic Digging” Damfino Press

“Setting the Sun,” “Wanting a Tattoo,” & “A Different Direction” The Sunlight Press

“Dawn” Panoplyzine

“Morning in the Rwandan Hostel” the immix

“Go Count the First Seven Stars” The Pedestal Magazine

“The Human Contract” Oddball Magazine

“If I Rise” Silver Birch Press

“Fierce” Mothers Always Write

“Lord & Taylor” Mothers Always Write

“Avalanche,” “Angelology,” “The Last Page of The New Yorker,” “Why We Stay,” “Fortune Telling” Litbreak Magazine

“Ecosystems” WCAI

“1954” Damfino Press

“For Light” Indolent Books

Teachers and Writers Magazine: “Just Write”

Poems have appeared or are forthcoming in these journals, reviews, magazines, and book anthologies:


The Main Street Rag

West Trade Review

The Comstock Review

Snapdragon Magazine

Bloodroot Literary Magazine

Necessity is a Mother: Toolbox Tales When All Else Fails

Mothering Magazine

Byline Magazine

Potato Hill Magazine

The Senior Times

Broken Bridge Review

Rough Places Plain: poems of the mountains