We’re Back!

Actually three weeks ago we rolled into our driveway in Vermont, but those weeks have been chock-filled. We’ve been back and forth to Nobles and Boston for fun and surprise for Ben, a wonderful three days with family, the best imaginable Mother’s Day of delicious diner fare (My Diner) including a table sharing stack of pancakes (thank you, Dave Barnes for that amazing idea), lovely cards from my kids, the presence of their fiancés, and the rest of the day wedding-dress shopping with Abby (yes, she said yes to a dress, and no, there will not be a photo of it below). All of that in addition to digging out of four months of mail and tracking down magazine subscriptions that have been returned or stopped. And I have begun to dive back into things I love and have missed doing like cooking and being immersed in poetry workshops and even one poetry reading. And Ben is now realizing that he’s actually retired 🙂 He is becoming the resident gardener.

I want to say thank you to all of you who’ve traveled with Ben and me around the country and to Chile and read our musings.

I may continue to write some pieces here, and I’m certain Ben will be writing, definitely one more entry here soon, and then he may start his own blog.

Below are photos from the end of our trip as we headed East, starting with our last night in Santa Fe where Julia, Ben, and I went to an Earth, Wind, & Fire concert. Beyond fun!

Earth, Wind, & Fire fun!
Hiking-in-the-Ozarks beauty
including the amazing fungus!
Onto Memphis
and Graceland
Then Nashville with Ned and Julie
To Cedar Run
hiking there
To Nobles for the retiring celebration of these legends: Nick Nickerson, Bill Bussey, & Ben
Best Mother’s Day ever!
And back home.

Thanks again for reading & following us. Stay safe, everyone. ❤️

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