We headed to DC on January 6th, 2022

Ben and I knew we wanted to see the Capitol on this historic day, but we began our adventure by taking the Metro to a stop near the Spy Museum, somewhere we’ve wanted to go but could never get tickets at the last minute. What a great place! You enter and get a spy badge, a new identity, and code word (I love that mine was “Frost” :). Throughout the two hours there, we solved some stuff, learned a lot, and had fun.

The Capitol was more sobering. How close we came to losing a democracy that day, the lives lost, and the violence. Ben and I thanked each Capitol police officer we saw, which was quite emotional, for us and for them.

We ended the day at the National Gallery washed over by a plethora of stunning art:

How grateful we feel to be staying with Abby and Paul for the next few days and being immersed in all that the DC area has to offer. We’re bracing for another snow storm here…

Stay safe, everyone.

2 thoughts on “We headed to DC on January 6th, 2022

  1. YAY you guys!! Sounds like a great kickoff to your trip. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday (weather permitting, I guess). Travel safely, friends!


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