We’re Heading Out for Four Months in the Pickup Truck

To start off Ben’s retirement, we decided to get out of town. We’re loading the pickup with luggage, skis, golf clubs, and bikes and driving south on January 4th. We’ll be staying with family and friends for the most part, stopping to bike on bike trails, to play nine holes at public courses, to take covid tests, to hike along the way, and generally to be open to adventure. Sporadically, I’ll write in this blog and upload photos along the way with Ben as a guest blogger sometimes. If we’re coming your way, please reach out, we’d love to buy you a meal or coffee and find out what you’ve been up to.

Here’s our itinerary so far: NJ, DC, NC, SC, FL, New Orleans, Austin, Santa Fe (where we’ll park the truck for a month with my sister to head to Chile & Argentina), Colorado, Utah, Montana, San Francisco, and who knows after that :).

And here’s our truck (before the snow):

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