Two New Things: Reading & Writing

  1. It’s strange to feel slightly giddy at the loss of my Kindle. It sits in the seat back pocket of 17B or in the hands of someone new. I’ve called American Airlines’ lost & found and talked to a real person, but no one has turned in my purple covered Kindle, and I am smiling having just returned from my favorite bookstore, the New England Mobile Book Fair (a place Abby, David, and I used to frequent for hours, all of us sitting or sprawled in the narrow aisles on a rainy day) with a stack of real books. I am happy with the covers. I am happy with their heft. Happy soaring, Kindle!

books on chair


  1. I am also slightly scared and excited about the coming of May. I have been selected to be poet for Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project. Each day of May I will be posting a poem on their webpage, along with eight other poets. Even though I have created a pretty consistent discipline of writing at least two hours every day, I certainly don’t throw my unpublished work out there. But I’m eager to push myself as a writer while raising money for Tupelo Press. If you want to support this endeavor, click here.

30:30 Project

Happy reading and writing to you, too!

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