Published Writing


To order: Notes From a Nomad 


To order: The Human Contract

Links to published individual poems:


“Mythic Digging”

“Setting the Sun,” “Wanting a Tattoo,” & “A Different Direction”


“Morning in the Rwandan Hostel”

“Go Count the First Seven Stars”

“The Human Contract”

“If I Rise”


“Lord & Taylor”

“Avalanche,” “Angelology,” “The Last Page of The New Yorker,” “Why We Stay,” “Fortune Telling”



“For Light”

Teachers and Writers Magazine: “Just Write”

Poems have appeared or are forthcoming in these journals, reviews, magazines, and book anthologies:


The Main Street Rag

West Trade Review

The Comstock Review

Snapdragon Magazine

Bloodroot Literary Magazine

Necessity is a Mother: Toolbox Tales When All Else Fails

Mothering Magazine

Byline Magazine

Potato Hill Magazine

The Senior Times

Broken Bridge Review

Rough Places Plain: poems of the mountains